Whitby Location
15 Thickson Rd. North, Whitby, ON

website:  greaterdurhamjiu-jitsu.com
Class Fee:  $50 monthly

Saturdays & Sundays---
10 am to 11 am: Boxing
11 am to 12 pm:  Kickboxing

Oshawa Location
725 Bloor St. West, Oshawa, ON
website:  motorcityboxingclub.com

Tuesdays, Thursdays (professional & recreational boxing classes): 6 pm to 8 pm

Both locations offer 1 Free Class!  Try it today! 

Garry Magbitang-
  • Founder of Gamma MMA Training System
  • Head Coach
Tyrone Magbitang-
  • junior instructor (striking)
Tyler Magbitang-
  • junior instructor (striking)